Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A new phase....

I hope this is a new phase!!!!

Colin last night was exhausted, so as usually, I said it was time to cuddle with froggie (his well loved blanket). He agreed and went up to his room and climb into his crib. Normal so far.

A few minutes later, I hear THUMP THUMP - Colin is out of his crib and coming down the stairs. I go up and tell him it is time to go to bed and bring him back upstairs. Now he says "No Froggie, not tired" - yeah right! I try to put him in his crib again with no luck! Thinking what else I could do - I say let's both go to bed - we both head over to the air mattress that is set up in Anna's new room. So far so good, but he keeps looking over at me to see if I am still there.

Eventually he falls asleep (so do I). At midnight, I wake up and decide to move to my own bed - and hoping that Colin will stay put. At 2 am, I awake to THUMP THUMP - Colin once again coming down the stairs. I meet him in the kitchen and he is says "milk and TV". I give into the milk but say that we are going back to bed. But not wanting to sleep on the air mattress, I bring him into our bed to sleep (did I mention he came down with no pacifier or froggie). We all fall asleep again until 5 am, where Colin announces that it is time to watch George (Curious George). Ahhh..... We manage to claim froggie and pacifier instead and coax back into our bed where he slept until 7 am.

I am praying that tonight will be normal - he is supposed to be the good sleeper!!!!

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JoAnne said...

Funny! Lia's sleeping schedule went out the window this week too. She'd been sleeping 11 hours straight at night. At most, she'd wake up once for a new diaper, but that was it. Now, she's been up 4-6 times per night for no real reason that we can find. Weird.