Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

What a great year! Here is a small recap of 2007

  • Anna was born April 3!!! A beautiful girl to cherish and love.
  • Colin turned 2! Uh oh spaghetti-os....
  • Construction on our house began (and still continues). Should be done by the end of January.
  • I got a new job in Strategy and Innovation (no longer in a lab playing with food) - I miss all the samples....
  • Cousin Bennie was born on May 10th! Bennie and Anna are only 5 weeks apart and get along famously!
  • We purchased a lake home - and love it! I look forward to all the memories.....
  • Family vacations to Victoria BC, Ontario (cottage), and Missouri (Lake of Ozark, Columbia and Kansas City)
  • Daddy and Colin had a boys weekend at home, while the girls went to celebrate Grandpa's 70th birthday in November. For us girls, it was a great getaway weekend.
  • We have discovered that Colin is a fair weather child - loves being outside as long as he does not need to wear boots and mitts. Anna on the other hand loves the toboggan - will she be a true Minesotian?

What a year. What I love the most is watching Colin and Anna grow up. It iss truly an awarding experience to be a mom. Colin's laugh will engage the whole room making everyone else laugh, includeing me. He makes up new games everyday and continues to surprise us. Anna at the moment is learning to crawl and seems to make it to her toys near by scooting on her butt. She will also charm the room with her smile and bright blue eyes!

I look forward to another great year full of love, laughter and good health!

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